Let our Thoughts Become Reality

“The best error message is the one that never shows up.” – Thomas Fuchs

Know why you want to code?

Ask your self WHY?
Every journey starts from WHY itself. The reason may be you are enjoying while coding, having fun while coding or want to become a software developer, find the reason first. When you are stuck, the reason itself will motivate you.

Define your coding goal and visualize it!

Just like WHY, you need to define some specific goal for coding from where you can start learning. For example you can define the goal like you want to make one local website in WordPress. Ask yourself what your interest is and define the first step about coding.

Break down your goal in small parts and start…

Your goal must have stepwise process that needs to be followed to achieve it. Follow the step wise process and be perfect on what you learn and code. It will also help you to motivate yourself to achieve more and more…

Let’s share ideas and spread to the world.

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